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19 Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Projects To Jazz Up The Rest Of 2019 And Forever

The possibilities with reclaimed wood are endless! We decided to curate a small(but gorgeous) list of handmade projects that caught our eye.

Have some free time, or a creative bug that you just can’t shake? Take a look at some of these completed projects! Maybe it will help spark an idea or two on your end!

#1 Square Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

These are always so beautiful! They are especially popular in the Smoky Mountains region where Barn Quilts can be found in abundance.

#2 Personal Handcrafted Mail Organizer From Reclaimed Wood

If you’re anything like me, you hate seeing all of your mail strewn around everywhere. This is a neat little project that could help you with that matter!

#3 Neat Wooden Pallet Wine Rack

Let’s face it, a little wine can go a long ways on any given tough Tuesday. This rack is a perfect weekend project to help you manage your mid-week stress control.

#4 Address Plaques From Pieces Of Reclaimed Wood

Make sure the pizza delivery never mistakes your house ever again with this gorgeous address plague.

#5 Vintage Colors On A Salvaged Wood Clock

This would make a great addition to any farmhouse, cottage, etc.

#6 Build A Reclaimed Wood Bookcase In Just A Few Minutes

This would also make for a pretty nifty setup for any console gamer in the house!

#7 Craft A Rustic Wooden Tray For Your Coffee Table

Make setting up and cleaning up a breeze with this cool wooden tray!

#8 Enhance A Reclaimed Wood Desk

Who doesn’t need a wood desk this beautiful?

#9 Build A Rustic Wall Mounted Magazine Rack And Mail Organizer

Another mail organizer, but I especially like the layout of this one.

#10 Beautify Old Benches Or Tables With Wooden Surfaces

Build some cool benches or a new table, perhaps?

#11 Super Neat Reclaimed Wood Shelving Unit

I really enjoy how this bookcase / entertainment system turned out!

#12 Tailor A Hallway Shelf To Hold Your Keys And Mail

I can NEVER find my keys…. I should build this one for myself!

#13 Neat Reclaimed Wood TV Stand Or Coffee Table

Another nice stand / coffee table.

#14 Build Your Own Bed Out Of Reclaimed Wood

This is very nicely done!

#15 Tiny Salvaged Wood Tray With Rope Handles

These would also make for nice planters!

#16 Enhance Your Party With A Rustic 4 Pack Beer Tote

This would be great for the beach or a ball game!

#17 Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Doubling As A Green Wall

We support green renewal efforts, and we definitely support this project!

#18 Coat Rack Aided By Reclaimed Wood

Elegant and useful!

#19 Industrial Pipe Arms Combined With A Wood Shelf

We love the aesthetic from the change of wood to steel pipe!

Simple yet beautiful and efficient. Wood is simply stunning. What do you think? We would love to hear your opinion on these DIY reclaimed wood projects in the comment section below.

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