Appalachian Antique Hardwoods

VintageCraft™ Beams and Reclaimed Timbers

Experience the ultimate combination of rustic beauty and traditional craftsmanship with Appalachian Antique Hardwood’s exclusive collection of antique beams and reclaimed timbers. These durable pieces of history are hand selected for structural quality and aesthetic appeal. Our team of buyers travel the country looking for the unique timber framed barns, antique log cabins, and vacant industrial buildings that contain these high quality timbers. VintageCraft™ beams and timbers are favored for their dual purpose ability to add warmth to a room while serving as a structural component of the homes and buildings they are incorporated into. They can be used for both exterior and interior applications, and their uses are limited only by your imagination. They can even serve as a truly unique interior cove molding.

  • Specifications: 5X5 through 14X14 with lengths up to 50 feet
  • Available Finishes: Natural, Wire-Brushed, Media-Blasted, Water-Based Acrylic
  • Species: Mixed Hardwoods, Mixed Softwoods, Fir, Pine, Oak

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