Appalachian Antique Hardwoods

Chestnut WeatherPlank™ Barnsiding

Appalachian Antique Hardwoods, LLC proudly offers our WeatherPlank™ barn siding. This exquisite collection provides a unique variety of high quality barn siding in natural colors and widths to give special character and beauty to any interior or exterior project. WeatherPlank™ is available in color designations such as WeatherPlank™ SilverWeatherPlank™ Brown, or Mixed.  Other custom colors may be created using client specified color tones. Client options are also available by specie designation with naturally occurring shades of WeatherPlank™ OakWeatherPlank™ HemlockWeatherPlank™ Pine, and WeatherPlank™ Blended Hardwoods.  Every barn is unique and so the resulting barn wood color and characteristics will vary according to weathering, age, maintenance, and barn location. The three things that will never vary with WeatherPlank® are the strict quality grading standards, the endless possibilities, and the rustic appeal of this timeless classic.

  • Specifications: 3-10” widths, 2-12’ lengths
  • Species: Chestnut
  • Colors: Brown, Silver, Mixed
  • Finishes: Pioneer, Heritage, Wire-Brushed, Skip-Planed, Acrylic Pre-Finish, Complete Millwork Available