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The Pros of Installing Hardwood Flooring

It is no secret that, by and large, hardwood flooring is not only timeless in it’s appearance, but also easier to maintain and with a longer lifespan. Alternatives like carpeting can hold onto and trap odors, and ultimately are not very friendly for homeowners who have children or pets (stain removal can be a nightmare). Beyond these factors, investing in high-quality hardwood flooring can increase the value of your home in the long run, which, if you ask us, makes the decision to switch to hardwood even more of a no-brainer. We have detailed below some of the most compelling reasons to upgrade your flooring with us, and why we think investing in flooring that is more aesthetically pleasing, easier to manage, and that has more longevity is the right move for you and your family:

1. It is strong and durable.

Homeowners frequently choose hardwood flooring because it is one of the most durable options for floors. After installation, with the right care, the quality of your floor will last for years and years. At that point, when it has aged to a degree, it can be resanded. A refurbished hardwood floor is as good as a new hardwood floor. A carpet counterpart floor will require a full replacement (and may I suggest hardwood for that?) Additionally, when carpet ages, it requires more and more frequent deep cleanings. Hardwood floors age with much more grace, as it doesn’t hold stains like their carpeted counterparts, and instead slowly loses lustrousness in its finish. It might appear slightly dull, but remains timeless and stylish. Regardless, this is years away from its original installation, no matter how many steps and spills it endures in its lifetime.

2. Hardwood floors add to your home’s resale value.

The value in durability and gorgeousness will add value for your family, and that will go on to serve you when your family is finished living there, as well. On average, buyers typically pay more for a home with hardwood floors versus carpet. Maybe because it’s easier to clean. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to maintain. Whatever the reason, hardwood flooring is a better investment for your family or any potential buyer. In comparison, no matter who lives in a home ten to twenty years after carpet or linoleum is installed, that homeowner will be considering their replacement options. Homes with hardwood floors spend fewer days on the market, selling faster than their carpet and tile counterparts. There is a pleasing exception to this, however: Some people love the wood-flooring so much, they pack it up and take it with them, to reinstall in their new home. Hardwood flooring is, after all, simple to dismantle and re-install.

3. Improved air quality.

Common competitive flooring options to hardwood trap dust, animal dander, pollen, and other particulate matter. Porous carpet holds on to detritus, and its electromagnetic nature clings to dust. Those tiny particles make their way onto your skin and into your family’s lungs. Dust and debris wipe away from hardwood floors, which means better airflow, which means the air in your home will be cleaner. Other types of flooring will also absorb and spread liquid spills. Over time, that can get stinky, especially for homes with pets. But hardwood floors will not hold on to these unpleasant odors when spilled liquids are wiped away in short time. Wood floors harbor fewer allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, spores, and insects like fleas. A home with hardwood floors will feel cleaner and be healthier. For all these reasons, it is the preferred floor choice for people with asthma, people who have allergies, and families with small children, who tend to play and crawl on the ground.

4. You can refinish several times before you need to replace hardwood.

If you decide you want to change the color of your hardwood flooring, it is really as simple as getting it refinished! You can’t say that about carpet, tile, linoleum or any other alternative. This is a great benefit because the cost of refinishing a floor is significantly cheaper than installing entirely new flooring! Back to the durability factor though, depending on the wood’s Janka hardness rating, your hardwood floor will outlast carpet, tile, or linoleum for years, because it stands up to everyday scuffs, scratches, and scrapes.

5. It is absolutely beautiful!

How often is the most practical option also the most attractive? Whether your interior is designed like a country farmhouse or a modern gallery, hardwood flooring will add natural elegance and warmth to your home’s aesthetic. With that kind of versatility, you can bet that when your taste changes, be it over the years, or from room to room, your floor will still be impressive. Hardwood’s rich texture and variety of styles and color options afford an array of enticing and welcoming looks in any and every room. The lengthy, vertical laid planks visually widen spaces, making them appear larger and less cramped. Also, for musicians, music lovers, storytellers, and any family with sound-sensitive members, hardwood is a more beautiful option because it offers better acoustics.

All in all, flooring is an incredibly important aspect of your home, and hardwood is completely worth the cost. You can’t beat its natural beauty and value. You will need to care for it by keeping it dry. Clean it regularly with a vacuum and a mop. (Don’t use too much water! Special sprays work great with dry mops.) Polish it occasionally. Give the experts at Appalachian Antique Hardwoods a call if you’re interested in upgrading your flooring.

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